Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trading Diary

was turned off today. This was too crucial a trading day to have any interruptions, although I did leave from 1 to 2pm to get some fresh air (and make sure I didn't do anything stupid). Went 40% long yesterday and held positions overnight. I am now 100% long after some frenetic buys from 2:15 to 2:45. My long holdings include BHI, CELG, IIIN, and PWEI.

I am now trying to decide whether to sell flat or continue into tomorrow. My gut tells me that the fund jocks will hold the line at all costs to preserve their quarter tomorrow. On the flip side, my wife just called to tell me "guess what the stock market is up today, honey", which usually is an indicator I should sell (ok I am paraphrasing her a little for comedic license).

As long as Ben doesn't have a dinner date with Maria Bartiromo tonight I think the market will hold until tomorrow's open at least.


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