Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Cash is king right now for me. Haven't posted for a while. I went through a superstitious phase where whenever I didn't post I had a profitable day, hence no posts. Well, I am back to cash today once again, after riding this downdraft in cash. So nothing is preventing me from posting. I wish I could say I cashed out earlier than I did, but it was soon enough that I limited the damage done. I bought the market on Monday afternoon and re-sold it again today. For the 2nd straight day, my portfolio is worth more than it was the day before, and that is saying something considering I haven't shorted a share yet this month.

I am not a fan of leverage (which limits both my returns and my downdrafts). So I most likely won'tbe shorting regularly, but the market tone appears to have changed, and as such strategies need to change with it.


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