Monday, February 13, 2006

Pacific Ethanol - PEIX Chart of interest

This stock showed up on my review of Barrons two weeks ago; making a breakout today over a mention in CBSMarketwatch (I think). Now this is a highly speculative play; read here. The gist of this stock is the positive technical indicators and the possibility that ethanol continues to be a "story" that institutional money wants to give a chance. This stock won't be profitable for a long while, but you might see a number of funds wanting to buy a piece of it on speculation, and the price momentum increasing because of it. I got in with a small speculative piece in the high 16's. And I mean small, since I almost never buy stocks with no current earnings.

From a technical standpoint, I've been focusing lately on patterns like this that held their earnings pennant nicely through the recent ugliness in the markets. SBUX was another play like this for me; today it rolled down to support, but the earnings flag still seems to be intact. The key reaction will be tomorrow in that stock.


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