Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Netflix, what fun I've had with you since I first bought you in the $11's. I jumped into NFLX once again in todays sell-off. I like a lot of things about this stock. The core product is very strong; as a customer of both Blockbuster and Netflix I can tell first hand that NFLX is just a better run company with superior product and service. NFLX has a high trading interest. NFLX has a CEO that knows how to manage earnings expectations (look at the results after earnings announcements in the last 5 quarters). NFLX has a low non-insider float that is especially prone to short squeezes and big jumps on positive news.

I jumped in with an average entry of just over $26. I'm hoping for a nice move over the next few days.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Morris said...

I got hit my a mail truck delivering their dvds once. I was in the hospital for weeks. But my friends did get me a subscription to Netflix and the time went painlessly by quickly!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

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