Sunday, October 02, 2005

Month end data

My month end return (before taxes - all realized capital gains were short term gains) was +4.34%. For the same time period, the S&P finished +0.7%. This was my second best month this year. My strategy has had to adapt - this market has not set me up with the overnight opportunities I had in May and June. For the most part, my positive trades in September were intermediate term swing positions, lasting 3-10 days.

For October, I will again go to cash in advance of the Fed meeting, and if there are any late season hurricanes threatening the Gulf (the coast appears to be clear for now). I am looking to once again meet or exceed 3% for the month, and will treat myself to something if I end up 6% or better. I will also need to focus on taking profits in some of the long positions in my portfolio and rebalancing my sector weighting if necessary.


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