Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Took on a little bit of this.

Made a play on this security at the close. Price has declined significantly over past 2 days. Security is in a solid sector that is relatively unaffected by the Fed. This is where I take advantage of my small size and nimbleness as an individual trader, and attempt to sell at open for a small profit. Notice how around 11 the stock has established a trading range between 80.30 and 80.60. This is where the stock has found support. There is a rise in volume at the close as daytraders who bought between 10 and 11 hoping for retracement of the early decline are selling because their rules don't allow them to hold overnight. You can hear them screaming as they take their loss. The market makers, hedge funds and I are gladly buying them out (at a discount to the established support level!) looking to scalp the traders for around a half point overnight, or just grab a nice entry in a solid security at the expense of the daytrading crew. If the stock gaps up tomorrow I will ride it with a moving stop as high as it will take me. If not, I will sell at the open and take my lumps. My stats on this type of trade are very good.


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