Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Terminal Fun

Thanks to a problem with my firewall and virus software, my trading terminal was down all day long. I am hoping to be back up tomorrow. And with all the excitement swirling around CELG today, it was pure Murphy's Law in action! I was able to use my backup system to monitor my positions, but blogging was out of the question.

CELG was quite exciting throughout the trading halt. (Translation: a whole keg of Tums still did not protect my stomach lining). In the end, it made a nice move upwards (although a little disappointing thanks to the hype). Cramer's Mad Money sometimes unwittingly helps me, but I think his publicity probably put a lot of rookies in play in this stock and also may have contributed to the company calling for the halt. This stock and the energy holdings in my portfolio were the bright spots.

Tech was not so bright.


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