Monday, September 19, 2005

Missed blog...

As I am riding until tomorrow afternoon in cash , I am lamenting the dissappearance of Stephen Vita from the world of blogs. He is now entering the world of subscription stock-gurus. On the one hand, I am happy for him since he apparently feels he can turn his blog into a profitable enterprise.

By making the switch to "subscription guru service" I think he is contradicting the goal of his blog, which I felt was to distance himself from the noise of the self-declared market pundits and give an honest (not to mention entertaining) first person view of trading.

His blog was like peeking over your buddy's shoulder at his trading terminal, and I've lost that feeling now that I have to pay for it - you wouldn't give your neighbor on a trading floor $20 to find out how the market is treating them today...

Anyway thanks for the posts and good luck Stephen!

If you are a new trader, I would strongly recommend trying his service out - much more value for your money than one of those useless newsletters!

His new site is here.


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