Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A search for a tech bellwether?

Once upon a time, the tech bellwether was IBM. Here's my recap for what they need to do to put their anchor on the title of 2005 tech bellwether.

Microsoft: Sorry - softie needs to move outside the trading range it's in or B.G. needs to do something wild like challenge Steve Jobs to a cage match or something.
Intel: Moore's law: processing speed doubles every two years. Moore to publish new law about the price of Intel stock.
Dell: The market got a spanking yesterday as Michael's company made an attempt at being this year's bellwether. Ouch, thank you sir may I have another. Michael: cancel plans to sell Dell laptops through K-Tel with 3 easy payments of $39.95.
HP: Keep doing what you did yesterday! (like the tuna fish said: Sorry, Carly)
AAPL: Steve Jobs to undergo sensitivity training and write new autobiography. Embed hidden code in new Tiger OS to convert all negative "Apple Insider" blogs to haikus.


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