Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Maverick? Maverick? Where are you Maverick?

I am feeling like a little bit of a Maverick by buying AEOS today. This could prove very profitable or I could get a big black eye over this. Sorry, Mr. Market I don't agree with you that forecasting earnings in the range of .45-.46 for next quarter instead of saying .46-.47 means that AEOS is worth 1/2 billion less than it was yesterday. I just don't buy it. (Let me rephrase that, I did buy it, the stock that is). After the slamming year AEOS has had, that punishment seems a bit undeserved, especially with it trading at a PE of 15.

But who knows? The lunatics may see higher crude again tomorrow and take this baby down further and I will have egg on my face.

We'll see...


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