Monday, August 15, 2005


Carl Icahn is leading me - I am momentarily biting on the hook of today's big headline regarding Time Warner. This is a stock I've watched for a while. I am going to buy a small position in it gradually over the next few weeks. Just enough so that if he gets lucky, I can profit from it. And when I say lucky, I mean get the board to concede (which I think is unlikely). However, the more stir this creates, the more likely it is in the next 6 months that TWX does actually perform at least some token profitable gesture to the shareholders, whether it be buyback, dividend, or spin-off. I think that the stock is more likely to see $17.50 in the next few weeks than the Icahn bid see immediate results, but this is too big a deal to risk not being at least a small part of it. This could be the catalyst of a big move in TWX going forward for the next 12 months.


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