Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bye, Bye, Retail

Made an exit from AEOS +2.47% overnight. Had to reach for a "Tums" as I listened the A&F numbers this morning, but thankfully, the eagle made the expected reversal throughout the day, and I was able to exit for a solid profit. Thought about holding half my position long, but retail looks too choppy to risk it.

I also had bought AAPL yesterday which I flipped for a +1.95% profit also.

Today looks loaded with opportunities in the energy sector. But I already own plenty of energy, so it seems a bit nerve wracking to pile more cash in - looks like a potential technical reversal in crude today. Of course, A&F looks tempting too, and no more numbers to report, so Wall Street's attention will hopefully be elsewhere the next few days?!!


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