Monday, August 15, 2005

Back on the attack

Looking forward to this week - day job is looking light for the week, so my trading opportunities look heavy. Entered a day trade this AM in BBBY. Probably will be successful if the market bottoms some point and goes up towards the end of the day.

I'd like to welcome all the trend traders to AAPL this morning (and belatedly welcome them on Friday). They appear to have liked the candlesticks charts on this one. I unloaded some of my AAPL today to them, and may drop a little more if it hits $48. Wall street loves to slam that stock. There will be something bad posted in one of the Apple insider blogs or some excuse to bring it down for a while. Which makes me sure that I can safely exit some of my holdings and re-enter at a lower price a few days or weeks down the road.

I now go to watch the PGA Championship final & will be back at 2:30 to monitor BBBY and enter into an overnight trade at the closing bell.


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